Sunday, September 26, 2010

Day 236 Part 1: Reading on the swing

I bought Scout a treat ball that you place the treats inside the ball and then when the dog rolls it around the treats fall out.  Scout decided the rolling and waiting for treats to fall out was taking to long and just ate right through the ball.


The kids love playing the swings like this.  Charlotte decided she could multi-task and read her Cars book while she played on the swings.  (I’ve kept my 50mm on my camera basically since we’ve moved in, but I’m really thinking about buying an 85mm for outside and even some parts of our house inside.)DSC_9325_edit_wm

I like this picture of Cooper even though I think I missed the focus.  He just looks so much like a kid and less like a toddler.DSC_9332_edit_wm

I’m struggling with the white balance on this photo, but Cooper is fascinated with ‘nighs’ (knives).  He always wants one with dinner and when we say no, he gets one from the play kitchen.  He’s actually pretty good at understanding how to use it.  I wish I had been down at his level and wasn’t shooting quite as wide open.DSC_9339_edit_wm

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