Saturday, February 18, 2012

Kid’s Holiday Party

(This is a super late post…from Dec 4, 2011). 

My work hosts a Kid’s Holiday Party every year.  We had a really great time, although it was a little chaotic for me to follow the kids around.  The line for Santa (see pics here) was about a 2 hour wait!!  There was cookie and cupcake decorating, balloon artists, a comedian/magician, jugglers, singers/dancers, and face painters.  It was a really great party and the kids had a blast.

Eating their cupcakes while we waited in line for the balloon artist.


Cooper wanted a spiderman.DSC_7235_edit_wmDSC_7237_edit_wm

Charlotte asked for the same thing.  She was mesmerized by the balloon artist.DSC_7247_edit_wm1

The kids loved the magician/comedian.  I’ve never seen them laugh so hard, in particular Cooper.  He looks a lot like Daddy does—they laugh almost the same.DSC_7254_edit_wmDSC_7263_edit_wmDSC_7259_edit_wm

And what were they laughing at?  The bird being ‘rude’ and mooning them.DSC_7269_wmDSC_7270_wm

Waiting in line for Santa was boring.  I chased them around while my husband stood in line, until we got close to the front.  Then Cooper sat with the penguins and ‘soothed’ the baby penguin.DSC_7283_edit_wm

They were supposed to only get holiday related face painting.  Cooper convinced the lady to do spiderman for him.  It turned out so amazing!DSC_7303_Edit_wmDSC_7301_edit_wm

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