Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fire Fighter Museum

Taken:  June 13, 2011

My mother-in-law, or Gigi according to Charlotte and Cooper came with us to the Fire Fighter Museum.  It’s a really small museum, just the right size for keeping track of two toddlers.  The only tough part is there are a lot of things they CAN’T climb on so it’s tough to constant redirect them.  Charlotte was a little more afraid of things, while Cooper loved everything.

I wish I had taken the photo from straight on, but it was on a busy street and I was too stressed with the kids to care at the time.


When we first walked in Charlotte loved the 911 station, while Cooper saw the fire truck and just wanted to get on it. 


I had to convince him that we couldn’t get on the old fashioned fire truck.DSC_4482_edit_wm

They liked the peep through life size fireman.  I like these because it shows the height difference between the two of them.  Poor little Charlotte can barely peek through!


Charlotte really liked the big ‘doll’ house that helps the firemen learn what the structure of a house looks like.DSC_4513_edit_Wm

Then we finally got to play dress up.  Cooper LOVED it, and Charlotte took some time to warm up to it.DSC_4521_Edit_wmDSC_4526_edit_wmDSC_4530_Edit_wm

Charlotte liked the fireman pole as long as Gigi was with her.DSC_4535_edit_wm

He didn’t want to get out of the fire truck!DSC_4540_edit_wmDSC_4544_edit_wmDSC_4550_edit_wm

While Charlotte wanted nothing to do with it at first.  Then she was ready to try it and enjoyed it.


Very fun hour and then we had lunch downtown afterwards.  Charlotte and Cooper kept saying ‘We’re in da city!’

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