Saturday, February 19, 2011

Before and After

Photo date: Jan 28

I haven’t shown a before and after for awhile.  These were taken at the park around 2 in the afternoon, so not the best time to take photos.  It was a semi-cloudy day and I was testing my 85mm.  I loved the look on Charlotte’s face and the side/backlighting in her hair.  However the photo seemed really cool to me.  I also didn’t like the super washed out look.


I fixed the white balance, using levels and the white dropper and increased blacks slightly in levels.  I upped the exposure just a bit using curves.  I cropped so that it had a better composition.

I wanted it to feel sunnier and softer so I ran some actions, but modified them to my liking.  I first ran Nelly Nero Spicy October and adjusted all of the layers that added color, plus the desat layer.  I also masked out her skin and shirt on the desat layer.  Then I ran Pioneer Woman’s sunshine, but reduced the opacity of the layers quite a bit and again masked her skin from the warmth.  I then did a slight sharpen for web. 


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tfs! love this b&a! beautiful light.