Monday, February 7, 2011


Photo date: Jan 24

I have been trying to capture a close up of their eyes to get their eyelashes.  No easy feat given they move all.the.time.  I’m also getting used to close ups with my 85mm because it has a longer minimum focusing distance.  We have cut out naps so that bedtime goes quicker, but they still need 20-40 min catnaps.  They crawl up on the couch and fall asleep for a bit.  I love seeing them sleep and Charlotte looks adorable here.  I love her thumb, blanky, and super long beautiful lashes with the little tear.DSC_2701_edit_wm


Niffer said...

Oh, I love this one! I can't believe you've already cut out naps! Wow. You're crazy. =)

QuackenBaby said...

This is a FANTASTIC picture! I love it!


super jealous of those lashes :)