Friday, June 3, 2011

Cooper’s Birthday Present!

Taken:  April 13, 2011

We bought a big gift for Cooper (and Charlotte) this year for his birthday.  Cooper is 3, but the size of a 5 year old (38 lbs, and 42 in tall).  My husband and I never got to enjoy these motorized cars because we were both too big by the time they came out with them.  We wanted Cooper to be able to enjoy them while he is still small enough to ride them and since it is rarely a good idea to buy only one of something, Charlotte got to enjoy one too!

He was so surprised when he realized they move with the touch of a pedal.  Charlotte took longer to figure it out, but she had fun anyhow!  Now they are little pros at them.

Too bad I chopped the vehicle on both of these—they move faster than I expected!!


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Jen said...

How fun! What a great gift!