Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Easter Photos!

Taken:  May 7, 2011

Here are last years (and the year before is in the same post).  I really, really struggled with these this year.  The kids were uncooperative (of course I was shooting with my 85mm so it required me to be pretty far away from them, which could have been some of the problem), the lighting wasn’t great, and I am really out of practice.  I miss photography being easy for me and wish I could find more time to take photos.

I want to branch out in my editing so I’m trying some different things.  Not sure I love these, or even like the editing style, but they were fun to play with.

They are both running a ton these days and Cooper always wants to put on his ‘racing shoes’ to go run.  Don’t you love his ornery face?!?


And this is so them right now.  Either smiles or being goofy.DSC_4165_edit_vintage_wm

I seriously love Charlotte’s reckless abandonment, just throwing her head back and laughing.  And this is the face Cooper makes a lot—half fake smile and half ornery.  DSC_4170_edit_vintage_wm

So silly.


I REALLY wish I had been directly in front of them for this.DSC_4172_edit_vintage_wmDSC_4175_edit_vintage_wmDSC_4205_edit_vintage_wmDSC_4200_edit_vintage_wmDSC_4201_edit_vintage_wmDSC_4214_edit_vintage_Wm

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