Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween 2013

Cooper is absolutely obsessed with Mario Bros.  He quickly chose Mario.  I absolutely adore that Charlotte doesn’t choose any of the typical girl costumes, because I kind of have a huge beef with Disney princesses.  There are SO many other things I can encourage my daughter to be and looking up to a Disney princess is not one of those things I will every encourage.  Charlotte makes it easy on me.

Charlotte is way more into posing than Cooper these days.  Most of the time Cooper rolls his eyes and me and says, ‘Seriously??!?’.

I haven’t picked up my camera much lately and I am experimenting with editing again to find my style.  Not sure what feels right…none of these quite yet.  I also really need to calibrate my monitors since I’m not longer on my laptop.





And our pumpkins…I can’t wait until they can carve their own!  At least they help with the guts. (Minion-mine; Mario-Cooper; Boba Fett-my husband; Cat-Charlotte)


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