Saturday, November 16, 2013

Fire House Tour–May 2012

A local Fire House has an annual Open House, where families can tour the fire house and the kids can climb in abulances, fire trucks, police cars, and see wrecked cars.  They also get their faces painted.  Cooper was THRILLED.  I don’t think Charlotte felt good because she refused to do anything and stood by daddy all day.  She LOVES fire trucks, so I was confused.  This post reminds me of when we went to the Fire Fighter Museum.





Hah, got it eyes closed.  The sun was sooo bright.  I think he has sensitive eyes like daddy because he squints with nearly eyes closed in very bright sun.DSC_8489_edit_wmDSC_8508_edit_wmDSC_8514_edit_wm

And this was what Charlotte looked like all day.  She did get her arm painted with a basketball though.DSC_8520_edit_wm

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