Friday, November 14, 2014

Catch-up Post: July 2013 California Vacation–Part 1

In Summer of 2013, we chose California for our family vacation.  We missed all of our friends and the kids barely remembered living there.  We did most of the tourist stuff with the amusement parks.  The only thing I regret doing is going to Seaworld, because I came home and watched Blackfish and just felt sick. 

We did 9 am to 11 pm nights, which was tough for the kids because they are they are usually 7 am to 8 pm kids.  I did not take my DSLR with me very much because it’s not ideal for the beach or amusement parks.  I used my iPhone to capture most of our vacation.  Overall it was a wonderful vacation and the kids had a blast.  They talk about wanting to go to California every year.

Road trips made easy with IPads.


We went to San Diego first to see a good friend and go to the local amusement park, beach, and to Seaworld.  It was nice to run on the beach at sea level!



The kids thought Seaworld was boring.



We met a few friends at the beach when we got to Huntington Beach.


Cecily has known our kids since they joined our family.  It’s so fun to see how much they’ve grown!IMG_1839IMG_1838IMG_1836

(Charlotte’s 1st birthday party)[with cecily[5].jpg] 

We took them to Legoland and this was probably their most favorite place.



Life-size X-Wing made from Legos.


And on the way back to our friend’s house:


We had a great beach day in Huntington Beach.



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