Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sarah’s Maternity–Baby #2

I love shooting Sarah and Hunter’s family (first baby maternity, Garrett’s newborn photos, Garrett’s first birthday).  They make it so easy and since she prefers less posed photos and I don’t really like posing people, so we are a good match.  The only problem I run into is that I end up with so many great photos after a very short session.  This session only lasted 90 minutes at sunset at a nearby old farmhouse and there were so many amazing photos!


DSC_0201jpegEDITWM   DSC_0171jpegEDITWM




     DSC_0150jpegEDITbwwm     DSC_0149jpegEDITWM

          DSC_0133jpegEDITWM   DSC_0134jpegEDITWM   DSC_0136jpegEDITWMDSC_0139jpegEDITWM

           DSC_0118jpegEditWM   DSC_0101jpegEDITbwWM   DSC_0111jpegEDITWMDSC_0088jpegEDITWM

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