Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 353: Happy 3rd Birthday Charlotte!

I am trying to finish up blogging the rest of the 365 challenge.  Charlotte’s party had tons of photos, so it took me awhile to get through them all.  I think I snapped one of the photos here, while a friend used my camera and took the rest for me.  It was so helpful and I am so glad she was our photographer for the day!  This is just a handful to capture the day, but there are so many more I could have put in here.

Here is her invite I sent out.  I purchased the electronic file from this seller on Etsy.  The file was originally in pink and green, but I used a hue adjustment layer in photoshop to change it to the colors I wanted for the party.  The track # and station # were our address and city/state.

Charlotte 300_1_edit-wm

I then used the invitation for inspiration for the rest of the party.  I made the Happy Birthday sign and the RR signs for the food area.  I also made little trains for the goody bags for the kids.  Everything turned out so cute!



For the games I used cardboard boxes to make trains that the kids could get inside.  They were a big hit!


I also did a color game by having the kids build trains that were the same color.  It started out great until Mr. Destruction (Cooper) messed everyone’s trains up.  Charlotte’s friends figured out if they protected their trains then Cooper couldn’t ruin them.


Charlotte blew out her candles in one breath, and then Cooper tried to eat the cake before we cut it.


It was wonderful to have all our friends and family over for the party.  I was very happy that Charlotte’s birth sister got to be here as well!


Cooper also attempted to break into the presents a little early.


Charlotte was so lucky to receive so many thoughtful gifts.  She got a doll and princess stuff, but the biggest hit was anything Cars related or train related.  DSC_2131_edit_wmDSC_2206_edit_wmDSC_2073_edit-wm    DSC_1995_edit_wmDSC_1997_edit2_wm
















I think she had a wonderful day for her party, because a month later she is still talking about her choo-choo birthday party!

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Jen said...

Everything looks great! Happy Birthday, C!