Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 359: Visit with Great Grandma

Great Grandma’s nursing home had a Christmas party for the residents and their families so we went and visited her.  The kids LOVE going to see ‘Gamma’.  (The lighting is tough at the home and I was trying to be careful about getting too many strangers in the pictures.)

Cooper being shy under the table.


Helping Great Grandma open a Christmas card.DSC_2245_edit_wm

Making sure she doesn’t forget the snowman ornament that came in the card.DSC_2258_edit_wm

Charlotte telling Great Grandma a secret.DSC_2279_edit_wm

Fixing her wheelchair (Cooper’s absolute favorite).DSC_2292_edit_wm

Playing with balloons.


And blowing kisses goodbye.DSC_2314_edit_wm

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