Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sick Family

Jan 2-8:  Week 1

We all got croup and the kids were so cuddly with daddy.  I love this one of Charlotte and my husband.  So adorable.

I took these without my flash because I’ve found that with using my speedlight I’m not metering, which makes me feel like I’ve forgotten how to pay attention to my meter and adjust my settings accordingly.  This was taken at 1/100, f/2.2, and ISO 2000 using my 85mm when it was dark outside and I did not fire my flash.  I knew I would have an underexposed photo, but I wanted to capture the cozy feeling of cuddling with each other.

I’m showing the SOOC (straight off the camera), my color edit, and my B&W edit.  For the color edit, I increased exposure and added some contrast using curves (pull up in the middle and down slightly on the left).  I then used the red curve to add some red, and the blue curve to add some yellow.  I created a new layer with screen and set at 60% opacity.  I used MCP Touch of Light Touch of Dark to darken the kitchen in the background and lighten my daughter and husband just a tad (large soft brush set at 25% opacity). 

After I was done editing the color version, I wanted to see if the photo would look good in B&W, so used Nelly Nero Classic BW and adjusted the layers to my liking. I can’t decide if I like the grain or not since I generally like cleaner looking photos (high ISO + underexposure + editing to fix exposure = LOTS of grain).

SOOC vs Color Edit


Color Edit vs BW


BW Bigger


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