Thursday, October 27, 2011

First day of pre-school

The kids started pre-school at the end of August.  They are in the same class, but if as time goes on we may consider having them in different classes if it seems to detrimental to have them share a classroom.

Charlotte was so excited and walked right in, followed directions and sat in the circle.  Cooper had a tougher time.  He didn’t want to wait in line, didn’t want to check-in or wash his hands.  He eventually sat in the circle but the teacher said he was pretty upset the first few days.  He tried to seek out Charlotte for comfort, but she brushed him off!  He was happy when we picked him up though!

Overall school is going really well now.  They are eating up all the learning and have tons of best friends.  When my husband picked them up from school in the first few weeks, Cooper proclaimed “Dat’s Caden, he’s my boyfwend.  I hab boyfwends, Charlotte doesn’t have boyfwends.  She has gulfwends.  Only I hab boyfwends.”  Adorable I tell you.

Here are the photos on their first day.  They would.not.cooperate.  Good thing they’re cute!



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