Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sister-in-law’s Wedding

My sister in law got married in September and we flew out to attend the wedding.  It was wonderful to see family and be there for such a big day.  Charlotte and Cooper were the flower girl and ring bearer and were adorable.  Charlotte loved all the attention, while Cooper hated his tux, his shoes were too small and he generally just didn’t care very much for the ring bearer job.  I brought my camera to capture a few moments and put the photos in the video below.  Not all of the photos shown are mine (there are 5 or so from the maid of honor’s camera).  I am most sad that I did not get ‘the big moment’ of her walking down the aisle.  I hope someone else was able to get it!

(I am not a professional photographer, do not claim to be, nor do I ever wish to be one.  I have never brought my camera to a wedding before, but my sister-in-law asked me and I happily obliged.  Although afterwards I decided I won’t be bringing my camera to a wedding again…too much work!!)

Untitled from Salina on Vimeo.


Magda said...

Your pictures are a lot better than a lot of 'professional' photographers I've seen lately!

And oh my, the kids look so grown up!

Lee said...

Thank you Salina for bringing your camera and capturing these moments for me! I will be posting all pictures on an online inventory as soon as I finish collecting! <3