Friday, November 11, 2011

The day mommy said yes to everything

I took the kids to a nearby outlet mall one afternoon, partly to hang out and do all the fun stuff, and partly to shop.  We didn’t do any shopping because I let the kids be boss that day.  I haven’t had so much fun with them in a long time!

We walked into the mall and they asked if we could get a stroller from the stroller ‘vending machine’.  I said yes and they jumped for joy.  They LOVED riding in a stroller again.

We walked by these little motorized trucks/tractors/cars and they asked if they could have a ride.  I said yes and they laughed and giggled the entire time.

They asked if we could ride the train.  I said yes and they waved, laughed, and got so excited to hear the train whistle.

They asked if they could get squinkies out of the toy vending machine.  I said yes and they were so excited to discover which one they got and proudly carried them around in their pockets.

They asked if we could ride the carousel.  I said yes and their eyes lit up and I could just see the pure joy in their faces.

They asked if we could ride the carousel a second time.  I said yes and their eyes lit up all over again.  You would never know they had just enjoyed a ride.

They asked if we could sit at the kids tables to eat our lunch.  I said yes and didn’t even notice how uncomfortable I was because they loved the ‘right sized’ tables and chairs.

They asked if they could play in the bounce house.  I said yes and they couldn’t take their shoes off fast enough.  They bounced and bounced and came to say hi at least 10 times in the 10 minutes they were in the bounce house.

They asked if we could have ice cream.  I said yes and watched the ice-cream drip down their chins as they tried to eat their cones before eating their ice cream.

They asked if we could take pictures in the photo booth.  I said yes and captured the memory of one of the best days.  The day I said yes to everything*.


(*Note:  I only said no to one thing—the indoor bungee jumping.  Cooper asked and I told him maybe when he gets bigger.  My husband then took the kids to the mall to actually shop a few weeks later and Cooper asked daddy if he could bungee jump because he was ‘bigger now and mommy said he could’.  My husband thought I was crazy and text me to ask if I had let Cooper bungee jump.  I told my husband I thought he was too small, thinking he was crazy for considering it.  I let my husband know what I had told Cooper and we both had a good laugh.  That’s a smart kid I tell you.)


Niffer said...

This is beautiful. I want to do a day where Mommy says yes to everything! How fun is that???

Jen said...

What a fun and memorable idea!!!

Julie said...

awesome...i want to run out and do this with my daughter now:)

Ally said...

awesome post!