Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy Halloween

We got pumpkins two days before Halloween, so we got them for buy one get one free.  Basically the kids all around the little pumpkin patch making it in impossible for me to get any photos in focus.  These are all straight off the camera with maybe a crop and added watermark.  Too lazy to edit!


Waiting to get started carving.


Charlotte’s ‘happy’ pumpking and Cooper’s ‘mad’ pumpkin (their choice on face style).DSC_6860_edit_wm

We had so much fun trick or treating this year.  We went out with friends and their daughter Maile.  The kids really seemed to ‘get’ Halloween this year and had absolutely no problem running and cutting through yards to get to the next front door!  Cooper was a little too exuberant and tried to open people’s doors and help himself to their candy.  I think if he looked more like a 3 year old and less like a 5 year we wouldn’t have gotten as many dirty looks.

I took all of these with my speedlight.  The ones on the porch are bounced off the ceiling on the porch.  For the others I had my flash 45 degrees forward or straight forward.  It’s tough to get all the right settings and use the flash in the dark!  I think shooting on auto might have been better.

Here’s what happens when you ask preschoolers what’s on your hat.  (How cute are they…Thomas the Train, Tinker Bell and Iron Man.)DSC_6870_edit_wm

And then remind them you are going to get some candy!DSC_6873_edit_wm

We’re off!


Cooper was the first to the door, partly because he was the only one tall enough to reach the doorbell.DSC_6929_edit_wmDSC_6881_edit_wmDSC_6907_edit_wmDSC_6910_wmDSC_6912_wmDSC_6914_edit_wm

Have no idea what he was so happy about.  I’m guessing the candy??DSC_6939_edit_wmDSC_6940_edit_wmDSC_6942_edit_wm

And our required costumes per Cooper and Charlotte’s request – a witch and black spiderman (AKA Venom).  (Friend took this with her D7000 and pop up flash.)


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