Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Field Trip!

I was able to attend the last field trip my kids went on to a local nursery.  The kids had several stations to go to and I sat down almost the entire time since I was only a week out from surgery.  I’m glad the field trip only lasted 1.5 hours, because I wasn’t up for much more even with sitting down.  I brought my camera and snapped a few pictures and just enjoyed seeing my children play with their new friends. 

Charlotte wanted to wear her Tarheels hat.  So cute.  And this is her ‘berry best fwend Ebowyn’ (very best friend Evelyn).


They planted flowers and watered them.


They both loved the cardboard cutouts, especially Cooper.


This was the only photo-op booth he would sit still to let me take a photo.  Charlotte wanted nothing to do with it.DSC_6517_edit_wm

Ring toss!  Look at Cooper’s form!  And I love they way Charlotte flicks her wrist.


They had to clap and it made the spider move which Cooper said was ‘scawee’.  They loved the parachute animal popcorn game.


They decorated pumpkins and then promptly removed all the decorations when we got home.DSC_6524_edit_wmDSC_6525_edit_wm

This is how I always see Charlotte in my mind. 



Also, Debbie is the winner of the MomSense book!  I will email you and get your book on your way to you!!  Thanks for commenting and check out the author’s response to my post in the comments!


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