Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 199: Bedtime in our temporary home

Okay so my life has been ridiculously busy.  We are finally moved into our new home and most rooms unpacked.  I have my computer back, which I love!  I gave up on the laptop because it was too slow and started acting a little wonky.  I wasn’t comfortable working on photos or blogging with it.  I am way behind and I have missed several days, but I’m cutting myself some slack.  I hope you enjoy some of the catch up posts!

For almost a month we lived with friends.  We had to improvise with sleeping arrangements.  Charlotte slept in a pack and play in the loft office (which she learned how to climb out of and enjoyed playing with scotch tape), while I slept in the guest room with Cooper.  My husband slept in the basement alone.

Here are a couple photos of us getting ready for bed.  Look how focused Cooper looks on the computer!


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