Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 210: My commute

One of the best perks of my new job is my Eco Pass.  I drive 10 min, park my car, walk 3 min to the train, sit on a train for 35 min and read a book/relax/sleep, and then walk 5 min to work.  It’s like having an entire hour everyday to myself!  I am so much less stressed when I walk in the door because I don’t have to deal with traffic.  Plus I don’t have to fill up my tank for about 3 weeks! 

I’m thinking of getting a new smaller laptop so I can spend the time on the train blogging, so my evenings are free.  In the meantime, if I didn’t have my Eco Pass I wouldn’t be able to enjoy one of my other hobbies – reading.  Love it.DSC_9024_edit_wm

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