Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day 197: Clown Car

We are staying with friends while we are waiting for our house to close.  They are very close friends of ours and I am so excited to have our kids growing up together now.  Maile is 6 months older than Charlotte.  The girls are best friends, while Cooper likes to antagonize the girls.

Here are Maile and cooper playing at her ‘park’ in her backyard.  I love Cooper’s stance in this photo.DSC_8809

Look Charlotte can blow bubbles on her own!!DSC_8815

She convinced all the kids to come blow bubbles.  I can’t put my finger on why, but I just love this photo of the three of them.  Maybe because they’re all showing each stage of blowing bubbles.DSC_8826  

I absolutely love how the girls are mimicking the ‘attitude’ in this photo.DSC_8830

And clown car with toddlers.  Why don’t they make these 2 seaters??  Charlotte was about to crawl in the back until we convinced her otherwise.DSC_8836

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Niffer said...

Oh! She has a best friend? That's so wonderful. I have SOOOOOO enjoyed watching Ellie with her best friend, Brynn. SOOOOO very much.