Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 214: Farmer’s Market and Spray Fountain

My friend and I decided to go to the farmer’s market with the three kids and then to lunch after.  We didn’t do very well with our planning and took forever to get out of the house, forgot to bring towels (and cash to purchase anything at the farmer’s market).  At lunch time I forgot my wallet in the car and then when I went to get it Charlotte had a meltdown, stripped her little robe off (we forgot a change of clothes), and threw  a huge fit in Chick-fil-a.  Definitely not the most organized moms that day, but these pictures are some of favorite.  They make me smile every time I look at them.

They ran right in before we could put their suits on them.DSC_9057_wmDSC_9063_wm


Charlotte was a little unsure about the water getting in her eyes.DSC_9069_edit_wm DSC_9065_edit_wm DSC_9073_edit_wm

Finally we got suits on them and then I left to go buy towels and my friend took over taking photos with my camera.  She’s a Nikon user as well, but she has an older camera.  I love the photos she took…so great to see her perspective!  She’s a vertical photo shooter I noticed.DSC_9078_edit_wm DSC_9079_wm  DSC_9081_wm DSC_9083_wmDSC_9086_wm

 DSC_9087_wm DSC_9089_edit_wm DSC_9091_edit_wm DSC_9095_wm

DSC_9100_wm DSC_9103_wm

While waiting on towels she taught them how to lay on the warm concrete to dry off and get warm.DSC_9107_wm DSC_9109_wm

Then it was snack time before lunch.DSC_9110_edit_wm

And finally I was back with sunglasses and towels.  BFFs.DSC_9118_wm


Niffer said...

I don't have time to comment on all your new posts, but I did want to say that I love these photos. I'm very much looking forward to more best friend pictures and stories.

Jen said...

So cute and fun! Isn't it funny how you develop a preference for shooting vertically or horizontally!