Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Baby gear makes for endless entertainment

I brought up the swing from the basement when my friend’s baby, Reese, and also my nephew came to visit.  Apparently toddlers find them completely fascinating.  Cooper rocked his ‘baby’ while Charlotte was loving being adored by her brother rather than tormented.

I’ve been trying to work on exposure and getting it right in camera.  I have struggled with taking photos in my new house because the light is so different than what I’m used to.  We get a lot of natural light, but two of the windows just have the sky since they are so high.  This means a lot of my photos turn out really cool.  I think I need to set my white balance to cloudy to compensate.  In the mean time I’m sort of throwing out worrying about everything and refocusing on individual parts of photography.  The first is exposure in hopes of being happier with my photos and thus more motivated to take photos.

This is straight off the camera with nothing but a crop and watermark.DSC_3833_edit_wm

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