Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New cousin

Cooper has always loved his baby dolls and now he thinks his new cousin, Alexander, is his new baby.  He wants to hold him and rock him.  He wants to carry him around and any little grunt or peep Alexander makes Cooper asks for his pacifier to put in his mouth.  I absolutely adore watching him with his little cousin! 

Charlotte doesn’t seem to be so interested.  She’ll hold him, giggle and then move away from him.  Of course she’s always been way more interested in her trains than in any doll.  I think she needs time to warm up to him and once he can play trains with her, she’ll love him.

We will definitely be taking more photos with cousin Alexander!  (Don’t mind the white balance on these…just trying to get things posted so I can post more about the current things in our life!)


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Jen said...

How sweet!!