Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Taken:  March 26, 2011

I took these late and I am posting very late.  They were incredibly uncooperative and I didn’t have the patience.  So I didn’t really bother editing or cropping properly.  There are so many funny outtakes, so this is an outtake post.  Check out Charlotte’s crazy expressions! 

  DSC_3592_edit_wm      DSC_3594_edit_wmDSC_3596_edit_wm      DSC_3598_edit_wmDSC_3600_edit_wm      DSC_3603_edit_wmDSC_3609_edit_wm      DSC_3615_edit_wmDSC_3625_edit_wm      DSC_3626_edit_wmDSC_3627_edit_wm      DSC_3630_edit_qm


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