Friday, May 13, 2011

Life has been busy

Taken: March 5, 2011

My father was hospitalized February 20 for complications from end-stage liver disease.  Only a couple weeks later we nearly lost him.  I chose to take the kids up to the hospital to take photos with him as a ‘just in case’.  Fortunately he has recovered very well, given his diagnosis and he his home with my sister.  I’m only sharing a couple of these photos that do not identify my dad, since these are intensely personal. 

The kids were very worried about their ‘bampa’ and now you understand why I have been SO behind in blogging. 



- Jessi - said...

Very sweet, my grandpa passed and when he was in the hospital, I took some similar with my mom's hand and her dad. These reminded me of that.


oh how touching. love connection you captured. so sorry.