Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 192: Day trip to see friends

We went to San Diego to say bye to some friends.  The visit was super short, but a really great way to relax before the big move.

Scout met a new friend (getting the color right on the dog fur is a lot like getting the skin tone right for people!)DSC_8540_edit_wmDSC_8547_edit_wm  DSC_8543_edit_wm DSC_8549_edit_wm DSC_8555_edit_wm

Cooper needed latex gloves to play with toysDSC_8556_edit_wm

The kids had fun with boy/girl 9 month old twins, although Cooper didn’t love sharing.DSC_8569_edit_wm

The drive home was silly.  Cooper passed out reading his newspaper.  Scout slept sitting up.  And Charlotte…well she was a little punch-drunk tired.DSC_8600_edit_wm DSC_8592_edit_wm DSC_8585_edit_wm DSC_8589_edit_wm DSC_8601_edit_wmDSC_8590_edit_wm

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MrsXoxo1598 said...

i love the pic with the baby on cooper's back, lol. cooper's like, "get off me!" too cute!