Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day 182: Why baby gates are a joke now

Baby gates no longer work to keep them out of certain spaces.  Cooper is too smart for his own good.

First jiggle the bottom a bit to get it loose.DSC_8258_edit_wm

Then lift from the bottom. DSC_8259_edit_wm

Hold it up for sister to pass through.DSC_8260_Edit_wm

And crawl on through!  Simple as that.DSC_8262_edit_wm

I’m halfway there!!  I can’t believe I’ve taken photos every day for 6 months and blogged about it!  Amazing!  Just skimming through my posts I’ve made a lot of progress both in my photographs and in my editing.  The best part is even on the days the photos aren’t perfect, I still love seeing all the memories of my children these last 6 months.  Here are some of my favorite posts (I even had to narrow it from these!  There are so many funny days.):

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Day7:  Laundry Day                                                

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Photo Restoration                                   

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Day 76:  Tricycles

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Gift for a friend                                                          

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Day 86:  Getting serious with the water hose       

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Day 93:  Dying Easter Eggs                   

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Day 99:  Dirty dishes and unsupervised toddlers

Day 115:  Hike at the wetlands

Day 119:  Remembering Elijah

Day 134:  Diaper Box & lil’ American Idols

Day 135:  Railroad museum

Day 161:  Pink

Day 169:  Summer Fun in the Sand

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