Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 194: Legos and new toys

The day before we left I took the kids to the park the entire day while the movers were packing and loading the truck.  I ended up with a terrible sunburn that is still bothering me.  After he park we went to my friend’s house where we planned to stay before we left.  Her husband has a Lego hobby so I took some photos of the kids playing with Cecily’s toys and some fun photos of Legos.

Cooper  filled the handheld basket and then put it in the shopping cart.  I especially like the scientist goggles to do grocery shopping.  (I missed the focus on this because Charlotte was trying to sit on my lap.


Charlotte had to use both as well, but she carried one and pushed the other.DSC_8617_edit

Caren was showing me her roomba and Cooper didn’t think it was cleaning the floors well enough so he chased it around with the toy dirt devil.


We wanted to take a photo of all three kids together and this was the best I got.  Cooper was watching TV and Cecily was going after the dog.DSC_8659_edit

I am astounded by the level of detail Richard puts into his hobby.  He is building a city that has a railroad that goes around it and under the city.  He makes it modular so he can move the different buildings separate from one another.  I should not have shot as wide open as I did, but this house was incredible, as were the cars/buses in front of it.  The inside of the house even appeared to be built up with kitchen counters and furniture.


The castle was also super impressive.  You can see how the train goes above and below the city.DSC_8634_edit

And for fun, ‘Lego macro’.  These are the flowers ‘growing’ on the hillside of the castle.DSC_8645_edit

A chest sitting on the fireplace mantle.DSC_8643_edit

Books on the fireplace mantle, also with the ability for a train to go through them.DSC_8642_edit

Toy Story!  There was even dynamite legos for Prospector and I love the little alien lego man.  The kids ran off with Buzz, so I couldn’t include him in the photo.  Again I probably shouldn’t have shot as wide open so that everything was in focus. The photo was a little crooked because I still can’t hold my camera straight, despite the gridlines in the view finder and I have no idea how to straighten the photo in

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Niffer said...

Wow! That city is impressive. Crazy!

I love the picture of Cooper helping to vacuum. It's funny that he thought it wasn't doing a good enough job.