Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 155: Stamping

The kids go to My Gym on Thursdays and Saturdays (see here and here) and at the end of class they get their hands stamped.  They love stamping and talk about ‘tamps’ all the time.  I bought some ink pads and stamps and let them go to town in their jammies and bedheads.  They had fun, but it sort of ruined my plan to take photos for father’s day.  Black hands, purple noses.  Not so great for formal photos.

You can’t tell here, but Cooper decided his hand and fingers made pretty good stamps as well.  His entire hand was black!


And Charlotte was a riot.  First stamp the ink pad.DSC_7336_edit_wm

Second, inspect the stamp to make sure it does indeed have ink on it.DSC_7335_edit_wm

And third, rub her nose and face with her purple fingers.  A good nose-picking to go along with it.  You can see her stamping the paper, but notice how she’s not really paying attention?  ESPN came on after Chuggington recording ended.  She can’t resist watching basketball.DSC_7341_edit_wm

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Wendy said...

I love the purple nose and face! You do so many fun things with your kids -- I love all the pictures. :)