Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 159: My husband has style

Seriously, I am usually impressed with the clothes my husband picks out for the kids.  Sometimes I wish he would do all the shopping for them.  These are outfits he picked out for them and got them dressed.  Charlotte is too cute for words (and he even did her hair!), and Cooper’s ‘Handy Manny garage’ shirt looks so great on him! 

(These are not the best photos, but they would not sit still for anything.  The rest of the photos are blurry.  These aren’t but they are super grainy because they were underexposed…still working on my exposure and using my speedlight!)

DSC_7577_edit_wm DSC_7584_edit_wm


QuackenBaby said...

LOL... I just realized, Charlotte and Cooper are my favorites on the TV show Private Practice! :)

My husband doesn't have good style for himself, but when my nieces come over, he always dresses them so cute! For girls, my nieces have ZERO fashion sense! :)

Jen said...