Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day 157: Father’s Day Photo Outtakes

I really, really wanted to do the 3-Photo DAD photos.  Take three photos, two with the letter D and one with the letter A, to spell out DAD.  I also added UNC, since I have two kids and I can’t give one of them a letter and not the other.  

I did it last year when I knew nothing about photography or about my camera.  Notice the harsh flash, the limb chopping, the busy background, the underexposure?  I really wanted to take them this year so that I could see my improvement, and also see how they’ve grown.


Now I’ve decided I don’t like doing studio, posed shots.  I’m not comfortable with it, it feels unnatural to me, and I’m just not good at it.  However there was no way that I could get both of them in frame each holding a letter.  Plus I can’t bend down to get at their level because of my injured ankle.  Do you see where this is going?

I decided to push our dining table over to in front of the fireplace so that I could have the white brick as the background.  Then I could keep them contained because they can’t get down from our counter height table without help.  I used jelly beans to get them to cooperate, but I ended up with only one photo that I didn’t have to fix too much, and I skipped over the whole 3 letters thing because they weren’t having it.  Who knew 2 yr olds have favorite letters?? 

And for future reference, they not only each need a letter, but said letters need to be the same size.  Also it’s a good idea to paint the back because they prefer to look at the colored side of the letter instead of showing me the letter.

So here are the outtakes.  I didn’t spend too much time editing or correcting white balance on these, maybe I’ll do that another day.  I’ll post the one I chose on Father’s Day so my husband doesn’t see it before then.DSC_7456_edit_wm

 DSC_7459_edit_wm DSC_7467_edit_wm DSC_7526_edit_wm   DSC_7512_edit_wm DSC_7541_edit_wm

And this gives you a quick idea how I extended the brick wall and did an edit on the final one.  This is how I plan to go back and do the others.DSC_7505_edit_wm

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