Monday, June 21, 2010

Day 171: Dapper in Plaid Mini Golfers

I noticed they had been using sticks and their play cooking utensils to hit balls around the house.  I figured they were practicing a motor skill and bought them a toy to help.  I was in the middle of making dinner and gave them their new golf club and ball toys.  I also picked up some new sunglasses (or ‘eyes’ as they call them) from the dollar bin.  Besides them running away from me yelling ‘no mama, go mama’, the clubs swinging everywhere, and me being too busy with dinner to worry about getting the perfect photo, these are too cute.  Now I need to take them back to the putting green where I did Easter photos.

Those are Charlotte’s new flip flops since she finally has grown!  I guess since they are pink, Cooper claimed them as his own.  They’re about 2 sizes too small for him.  He also claimed the pink sunglasses.


Check out the attitude on Charlotte.  I wish this photo wasn’t blurry, but they would.not.sit.still.DSC_8073_edit_wm 

And a big Happy Father’s Day to my wonderful husband!  He had a good day getting to sleep in, getting a new razor/shave set, and a steak and twice baked potatoes dinner.  Here is the photo I had printed for him in 10x15 size (others from this set here).  Note to self, purchase frame before the print!  I had to special order the frame and it’s still not here.DSC_7538_edit

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