Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 163: Sushi!

I won the giveaway for the sushi (Jen at 525,600 minutes hosted the giveaway for felt food from jdensing’s Etsy store).  These are super, super cute felt sushi pieces.  I want to play with them, they’re so cute.  I also want to go buy more felt food to stock up their kitchen and replace some of the plastic food the dog has gotten a hold of!  The kids weren’t too sure what to do with the sushi and they were having a WILD day, so I only got these 3 three photos and they were off to play.

Charlotte’s ‘what the heck is this stuff??’ look.


Okay, so she figured out you stab the sushi with the chopsticks.  I should have ordered a second set just to get extra chopsticks…notice Cooper using a screwdriver as a second chopstick.DSC_7729_edit_wm

I love her crossed eyes here.DSC_7730_edit_wm

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Jen said...

So cute!