Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 175: Stinky Feet

Charlotte’s newest thing is to take our shoes off (or hers) and then smell our feet, plug her nose and announce ‘Teenty’ (stinky).  I think it’s really funny, so now I volunteer to have my feet smelled.

Getting a really good whiff of my husbands feet.DSC_8115_edit_wm

Letting me know that my feet are ‘teenty’DSC_8112_edit_wm

(Cooper isn’t feeling well today and he didn’t nap, so no pictures of him tonight.)

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Ashley Sisk said...

LOL - that's better than my sister's obsession with smelling butts when she was that age. We thought she'd never grow out of it. HA HA - and I haven't forgotten your photos, I've just been busy!