Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 179: Yogurt and Rice Krispies

The kids have been difficult to get to sleep and keep asleep the last few nights.  We’ve noticed that Charlotte in particular isn’t eating much at dinner and figured that might be part of it.  So whenever they don’t eat very well for dinner we give them yogurt with baby oatmeal mixed in because it’s a sure way to get them to eat something and it’s healthy.  We ran out of baby cereal so I put Rice Krispies in the yogurt instead.  It was a HUGE hit!

Cooper decided the spoon was too slow so he scooped it up with his fingers and ate it that way.DSC_8206_edit_Wm

Charlotte asking for more Rice Krispies.  I remember a time when she would just melt down before even attempting to tell us what she wanted.  Now she tries to say the word and if we don’t understand her, she points.  If we still don’t understand her she says the word over and over and makes some kind of sign.  It’s rare that she melts down anymore.  We are amazed with her progress in only 8 short months!DSC_8209_edit_wm

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