Monday, June 21, 2010

Day 172: Fun with toys

Cooper likes to ride all of his Tonka and Little People trucks.  I try to convince him that he’s a little big to ride them, but I don’t think he believes me.


We don’t watch Yo Gabba Gabba (I can’t stand how annoying it is, although the glimpses they’ve caught of it, they are completely mesmerized).  I bought them this ‘green monster’ before I knew what it was because they loved dancing Elmo.  Charlotte will dance with Goby and loves letting his arms swing around and hit her.  I love her face in the last one.DSC_8080_edit_wm DSC_8081_edit_wm DSC_8082_edit_wm

I am frustrated lately with my exposure.  I think when I had the walking boot on for 4 weeks, I quit trying so hard to get the photos technically correct for composition, focus and using my lighting because I couldn’t move very well.  This sort of put me in a photography rut.  I prefer shooting outdoors with natural light and now it’s really hard to expose the photos just right inside.

I’m also learning when to use my speedlight vs. the natural light indoors, and also the limits of my camera.  I wish I had more than 11 focus points since I prefer to toggle my focus points.  I also have found that once I get to an ISO 800, if I’m not properly exposed I get more noise than I would like.  Maybe noiseware will be my next purchase.  And where did my easy going, slower moving toddlers go??  I used to be able to take their photo at 1/100 shutter speed without motion blur and now I’m lucky if I get no blur at 1/160!

So my focus right now is to get exposure right straight off the camera, which means I probably will have some focus and composition issues in my upcoming photos.

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Magda said...

We have that same Brobee! Nora loves him. She loves the show, too, and after you get over the annoying-ness, they really do have good messages :)