Monday, June 28, 2010

Scavenger Hunt

I’m going to cheat this week and pull all the photos from my archive.  I am out of time to take the photos and have two kids fighting bedtime for several days in a row (when I normally do my photography stuff).

1.  Summer – The first trip to the pool.  This was taken in August 2008, shortly after Charlotte came home.  Swimming was something that helped Charlotte and I bond because there was a lot of skin to skin contact.

2.  Letter A – This one of Cooper and Charlotte’s favorite books and one of several we have on adoption. DSC_1459_edit_wm

3.  Celebration – This isn’t a celebration photo, but rather a reason to celebrate (taken by my friend Jason with our old Sony Cybershot P&S during our Breckinridge ski vacation 5 years ago).  We are finally moving home to Colorado!!  We are so excited to get back closer to family and friends.  We’ll be moving in just a few weeks, so I probably won’t be posting much when we are in the middle of the move.  I’ll still be taking photos and I’ll upload when I can.  I probably won’t be doing any editing, so this will be a challenge for me to get everything perfect in camera!422786028205_0_ALB_edit_wm

4.  Door – Charlotte used to army crawl halfway through the doggy door and get stuck before she learned how to fully crawl.  Taken in November 2008 with Sony Cybershot P&S  

5.  Symbol of Love – This was Cooper’s symbol for love for his dog Scout when he was about 4 months old.  This was taken in August 2008 with a Sony Cybershot and obviously the onboard flash.

Next week’s assignment due July 4th.  One photo can be from your archives.

1.  Shutter Speed

2.  Patriotism

3.  Creative Crop

4.  Time

5.  Flower

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Ashley Sisk said...

These are all great shots and congratulations on the move. Let me know if you need me to help you with the Scavenger Hunt stuff.