Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 166: Race Car Train Bed

My husband got a silly picture of Cooper eating his toe.  I swear he still puts EVERYTHING in his mouth!  I hope he eventually grows out of it.


Before I ever had children I always wondered how a child could ever get a bag over their head and suffocate.  Now I know.  Cooper and Charlotte are both loving hats these days and they think everything is a hat.  Cooper started to put this on bag on his head and I took the photo to remind me how easy it is for an accident to happen.  I will now be putting all plastic bags promptly in the trash, away from the children.  (This particular bag is the what the diapers are package in.)  DSC_7853_edit_wm

My children surprise me with their creativity.  I couldn’t figure ou t why I found a ton of cars between Charlotte’s mattress and bed frame, until they showed me!  Charlotte made her bed into a race car track!  Now if I could only get her to say rAce Car instead of rEE Tar (I absolutely hate the use of the R-word.  It is completely offensive, so it really bothers me that she can’t say this word properly.  Especially since she says it over and over and over several times a day.)


And how’s this for completely missing the focus on the car??DSC_7860_edit_wm

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