Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 170: Sliders

Saturdays are my husband’s ‘day off’ since he has the kids all week.  I took the kids to the duck pond by myself.  Not the best idea since there isn’t a fence around the pond, and it’s a small hill toward the pond.  Cooper loves chasing the ducks (his favorite game is tag, and well, the ducks run away from him!), and once his little legs get going he has a hard time stopping.  There were several close calls of him running right into the water.  Needless to say, I didn’t even bother pulling out my camera while feeding the ducks. 

I put my kit lens on my camera today because I like the additional focal range sometimes.  I’ve been exclusively using my primes lately, and I’ve grown to love them over my mid-range zoom.  Well compared to all the other lenses I own, I now dislike my kit lens.  It is slow to focus, the aperture range is dismal, and it pretty soft with focus.  I didn’t enjoy taking photos today, but the kids had a ton of fun on the slide.  They even learned to climb up the slide (with a little help from me).

Again straight off the camera, since the quality isn’t great, so I didn’t feel up for editing.  And wow is it hard to meter inside a slide!DSC_7987DSC_7988DSC_7992DSC_7993

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