Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 173: Stamps, shapes, counting, colors, animal sounds

The kids are little sponges lately, so I’m taking advantage and spending time doing activities that teach, but also things that are fun.  I found some Melissa and Doug stamp kits for $7 at TJ Maxx, and since the kids love stamping and the ink was washable, it was a great find.  I bought one wild animals and one farm animals.  I drew four shapes on a piece of paper – square, triangle, circle, and star.  I had them identify each shape.  Then we got to stamping, while saying the animal sounds, choosing a color and counting the number of stamps.  They had a blast and I think they finally learned circle!

Charlotte is a master stamper, kept all her stamping within the shapes, and attempted to count and say all the shapes.DSC_8087_edit_wm

She also liked to line up the stamps on the ink pad (I wish I had focused on her rather than the stamps/ink pad).DSC_8098_edit_wm

She also enjoyed the challenge of stacking the stamps.DSC_8103_edit_wm

Typical Cooper enjoyed putting everything in his mouth.DSC_8090_edit_wm

When I asked him to show me his mouth.  (This looks so much like his surprised face.  And don’t mind the ridiculously warm photos in that post.  Wow.)DSC_8091_edit_wm

Then I clarified and asked him to show me his tongue.DSC_8099_edit_wm

Again with stuff in his mouth.DSC_8093_edit_wm

And when I asked him to show me his nose because it looked like he had a bloody nose.  Charlotte kept pointing to him and saying ‘oh, no. uh-oh. oh, no.’DSC_8106_edit_wm

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